Breakfast with a good conscience

No other meal elicits so much passion as the first meal of the day. No matter whether you're a dedicated gourmet who likes to start the day with a full belly and celebrates at a table loaded with every conceivable treat over the weekends, or a consistent ascetic who simply prepares coffee to go on your way to work: breakfast has many faces. From poached eggs to fresh pressed juice and avocado toast, or even superfood cereals or traditional bread and honey: with sustainable products from the new breakfast range from Fackelmann, you can make all your breakfast dreams a reality.

Materials like FSC™ certified beech wood (such as in our breakfast boards, honey spoon, tongs) underscore the sustainable and environmentally-aware approach that breathes life into every item in the product assortment. Anyone who cares about fresh, local, and high-quality fruits, vegetables, and other foods will do the same in their own kitchen and at their own dining table.

Lemon press, egg cups, butter dish, and other products are made of Green PE. This plastic is manufactured almost entirely of sustainable or biodegradable raw materials and is suitable for industrial composting. Cereal dishes and cups with enamel coating, stainless steel functional components of cheese knives and reusable lunch bags with a paper look and cork coasters complete the breakfast concept.

Natural colouring

The colour pallet of the product range is composed of discreet natural shades, stone grey and mint green, radiating cosy comfort and Nordic linearity. The design language expresses itself in straight shapes made for everyday use.

Tong and turner with a unique design

The practical 2-in-1 tong and turner made of FSC™ certified beech wood (#31112, RRP 6.99 EUR) is a great choice for gripping and picking up breakfast dishes and for turning fried eggs, omelettes, pancakes and lots of other treats. The two grippers on this practical tool (approx. 32 x 6 cm) can easily be hooked together so that the uniquely developed grain pattern on the inside can do its job perfectly, providing a good hold while flipping foods.

Sweet temptation

The new, finely polished honey spoon made of light, FSC™ certified beech wood (#31105, RRP 3.49 EUR) also deserves a set place on any breakfast table. Thanks to its turned head, it is an outstanding choice for serving honey from a jar. The liquid gold honey doesn’t stick, but instead flows evenly along the grooves on the spoon to land in finely dosed quantities on rolls, toast, or yoghurt. This beautiful honey spoon is approx. 16.5 cm long and can easily be cleaned by hand after use.